by Wade Ogle

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January 2013: Pisces-The new six song solo release from Wade Ogle.


released January 23, 2013

Written and recorded fall/winter 2012.
Recorded/mixed at Starry Night Recorders / Fayetteville AR
All songs written by Wade Ogle © 2013 All Rights Reserved.

Wade Ogle - Vocals, backing vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, organ, bass guitar, synth bass, percussion bells, percussion, loops, Farfisa, Rhodes, Sonola organ, Moog, Lowrey Genie, samples

Nate Higgins - Drums, backing vocals, percussion

David Menet - Bass guitar on #1, #4, #5.

Original album art by Robin Starr © 2013
Cover layout = Starry Night Recorders.
All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Wade Ogle Fayetteville, Arkansas

Wade Ogle
Fayetteville, AR
Active 1987-present

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Track Name: Waiting For Columbus
Waiting On Columbus
Wade Ogle © 2013
All rights reserved.

I've been waiting on Columbus
I've been waiting on God
I've been waiting on Monet
To cut me through the fog

I've been reading my bible
I read those other books too
I've been waiting for Jesus
With nothing better to do

Oh, but it's alright

I've been hiding in alleys
I've been laying low
I'm another year older
I need a new set of clothes

I took a look in the mirror
The day I quit my job
My mother forgets my name
It's like I ratted on the mob

Oh, but it's alright
Track Name: The Hardest Life
The Hardest Life
Wade Ogle © 2013
All rights reserved.

This is the hardest life I've ever known
All the joys of Heaven equal one death below
I begged forgiveness, for all that I have done
When I turned my back on you, I turned my back on love

I want to live
A life that's full and free
I don't want to die
Alone in misery

Oh dear Delilah
I've often thought of you
Now, years gone by
There's nothing left I can do
Track Name: Under A Cold Moon
Under A Cold Moon
Wade Ogle © 2013
All rights reserved.

And you feel like you're afraid (I know)
And you know that you're alone (I know)
And the winter calls your name (far from home, far from here)
You have your own special way (my love, my dear)

Place the wood near the doorstep (for our fire)
Leave a candle in the window, it's alright
I will sleep under a cold moon all night
Track Name: Down Every Pathway
Down Every Pathway
Wade Ogle © 2013
All rights reserved.

You are the sunset that bruises the sky
I am the lightning burning down the other side
Lost on the shoreline, we drift out to sea
I'm not afraid my love
Are you afraid of me (No)

Down every pathway seek and you will find
If you have hidden poison in your soul or in your mind
All I ever wanted was a taste of the joy
All you ever needed was something to destroy

I feel alone, far away from home
I feel alone, come to me my love
I feel along, far away from home
I feel alone, come to me my love
Track Name: My Melancholy Girl
My Melancholy Girl
Wade Ogle © 2013
All rights reserved.

My melancholy baby, My melancholy girl
She gave away her secret prayer to save a lonesome world
She is the drunken soul
She plays the long lost chord
Jesus wept for many men
But he ain't weeping no more.

My melancholy baby, my melancholy girl
Dark is the night and hard goes the road
It's never been the sweetest song, just the only one she knows
My melancholy baby cut the ball and chain
She burned the past with lightning
And soothed the wound with rain

My melancholy baby, my melancholy girl
Waves of fear will cripple your every move
You think that you could love her
But she's only passing through

My melancholy baby, my melancholy girl
(I remember when we were younger)